Here at Berean we believe that our Worship Gathering is one
of the primary ways that God teaches us to love Him with all
our hearts, minds, souls, and strength. Seeing that God has given
us, both as parents and as a church, the blessed responsibility
to disciple our children in that love, (Deut. 6:7; Eph. 6:4; Titus
2) we believe that our children belong with us as we worship.
Our children not only learn as we teach them the truths of
worship but also by observing us as we worship and submit to
His Word.

A few things to consider:
† Take time to quietly explain the parts of worship to your
† Encourage their participation in the singing, reading,
praying, and preaching. Draw your child’s attention to
the passages we are reading, the lyrics to the songs we
sing, and the sermon outline in the bulletin.
† Even as adults, we tend to be distracted by the cares of
the world during our worship. Teach your children to
bring their attention back to the activities of worship
when they get distracted.
† If you have to leave the sanctuary with your child, feel
free to do so. Our gathering can be heard in the foyer
area. Be sure to come back when you are able.

For infants up to 2 years old we provide a safe and secure nursery during most of the services.


3D (Doctrine, Discussion, Discipleship)
3D is a church wide program that is intended to instill within the hearts of children and adults alike the importance of understanding the Bible from a systematic and historic perspective. Doctrine is so important to the health of a local church as we seek to love God by knowing him truly, embracing him wholly, abiding in him joyfully, submitting to him willingly, and living for him sacrificially. In order to implement this goal we are using The Fighter Verse curriculum put together by Truth 78.


Berean Church offers many opportunities for ladies. Typically throughout the year there are two Ladies’ Bible Studies, one in the morning and one in the evening. In addition to this, there are several fellowship opportunities, such as our Christmas Tea and Ladies Banquet. Through our connection with Women of Truth, we are able to offer other opportunities for training and getaway.

In an effort to stay connected with other believers throughout the week, we offer many fellowship groups. Most of these are open to all and meet regularly in homes on various days of the week, to discuss a variety of biblical topics. In addition, we offer fellowship groups designed specifically for young families, men, or women. Contact the church office for a schedule of groups that are currently meeting.